As the home price index falls and cries out to homeowners to adjust their property tax assessment in order to reflect accurate market conditions, less than 2% appeal. The taxing authorities are in need of cash to fund their budgets and are not equipped to move quickly. Homeowners are getting victimized by an outdated and unfair assessment system and need someone to go to bat for them.

Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey, June 5, 2012

For those looking for a work-from-home business that can help others navigate their way through the personal property tax maze and reduce their property tax bill to reflect the lower market value of their home, this might be a business worth looking into. A fairly inexpensive professional online course could be your ticket to getting started in a lucrative profession with little competition in the always interesting property tax consulting business.

The Case-Shiller home price index fell in March at the slowest rate in 12 months. The 20-city home price figure fell 2.6% year over year. It now stands at the same level it did in late 2002.

With declining home prices, the opportunity for finding clients in the property tax consulting business never could be more favorable. Property values decrease and property taxes increase. The stewardship demonstrated by the taxing authorities is not proactive in favor of taxpayers.

Property tax consultants offer comprehensive services to help businesses and homeowners manage property taxes, mitigate and achieve maximum tax savings. For the homeowner and business owner alike, a real estate property tax consultant can help them get a fair valuation and a reduction in property taxes. Property tax reduction consultants continue to be in high demand.

Across the United States, from Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York and Portland, new post-bubble lows in housing prices have been made. The county assessors do everything in their power to take money from the taxpayers. It only makes sense for the taxpayer to protect themselves. Values change in the market, things change with your clients property. A proactive property tax consultant saves his clients money.

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Our chief business for over 14 years, providing property tax consulting services and property tax appeal help and instruction for homeowners through our sister website has been our contribution to help address a real need. We have developed a comprehensive, professional home-study course at to provide the necessary skills to become a professional property tax consultant in your state. It covers both residential and business property tax appeals and delves into all the marketing skills needed to run a successful professional business. Property tax reduction consultants exit to rescue victims from unjust assessments.

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