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A glimpse into a home business idea that reduces the tax burden on the homeowner.

Helping homeowners reduce their property taxes can be a work-at-home business model that is a win win situation for everyone.

Property taxes are a sting to the homeowner – they are rising as home values tank.

Local government does not curb spending and taxpayers are forced to bailout any program, essential or not. The homeowner’s tax assessment dollars becomes the back stop for failure to reign in overexcesses.

However unfair this situation is, it does present a huge business opportunity for a property tax consultant -- a profitable and successful home business.

Most homeowners have little knowledge or time to look into their individual property taxes and don’t know if their taxes are correct or not. And appealing their property tax assessment is a bother they would rather have looked into by someone else.

Hard evidence shows that property tax assessments are not reliable.

- Consumer Reports has published that property tax records show an error rate of 40% exists in estimating property taxes. (Nov.1992 v57 nil p.723)
- The National Taxpayers Union writes that as many as 60% of all homeowners are over-assessed and not in line with their home value. ("How To Fight Property Taxes"
2004 p.1)

Hi-Demand Work At Home Business Opportunity
In an economic climate where the consumer is getting pinched by high gas prices, increased heating fuel costs and escalating food costs, they are now getting hit by even higher property taxes.

Few people even hear about making money as a property tax consultant. If you can imagine being able to offer a service that will reduce a painful tax increase for a customer, you can well imagine a grateful client.

As a tax consultant you come to their rescue by finding lower cost comparable properties and putting together an appeal. Ultimately, you can save them 20 or more percent on their property taxes. No tax assessor or government body is going to go out of their way to find this information.

With the abundance of properties that exist with lower market values to use as comparables, putting together a convincing property tax appeal could not be easier.

Rewards For Winning Your Client’s Property Tax Appeal Include:
- Saving the homeowner thousands in taxes and earning a high contingency fee.
- The homeowner is relieved of an unjust valuation and you become a hero in the client's eye for winning their case.
- Customers and referrals are easy to come by. Most everyone would like to appeal their taxes if they just knew how to.
- Consultants get to cherry pick their best and highest profit situations.

Some home based business opportunities require a substantial investment in an arena with significant competition. In this business, the cost for entry is extremely low. Property tax consultants are far and few between. Competition is very light if it exists at all and those questioning their property taxes are multiplying.

It takes about the same amount of research and work to appeal an expensive home as a less expensive home. Generally, a one-time equalization fee is charged. Your fees can be a percentage of the tax savings plus an up-front fee that usually ranges from $90 and upward.

The real money is in the contingency fee. When you win your case for the client you receive 100% of the tax savings. For example, if the client's property tax is $10,000 and you saved them a typical 20% on their assessment, your fee would be $2,000. The payment is spread out over 2 or 3 years so the client is rewarded by seeing an overall tax saving.

This winning and lucrative home based business is simple to begin by using the eBook course. It requires only 5th grade English and math skills. Good people skills are, of course, very helpful as well. This work at home business opportunity has all the pre-written forms, letters, and customer contracts that you'll ever need to do business as well as earn money with your first client. Sign up your first client while taking the course to cement the flow and priciples by way of direct experience.

Press Release 7/22/08

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